Move then play

Move, Play, Stay Healthy.

Move Then Play

Balance your healthy lifestyle

Find out how Bouge pour Jouer works with schools to promote a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Why adapt with schools?

Promotes a balanced lifestyle

Integrating Move Then Play into schools promotes healthy habits by encouraging students to stay active while managing their screen time.

Supports educational objectives

The application can be used to complement school curricula by integrating fun physical activities and teaching the importance of managing screen time.

Improves student well-being

By encouraging regular physical activity and limiting screen time, Move to Play contributes to the overall well-being of students, fostering a healthier, more productive learning environment.

An ideal solution for you and your children

How does the application work?

Let's find out how Move Then Play application works

Free download

Application available on all Play Store and Apple Store platforms

Create a profile

Create a profile at

Purchase your plug

Buy your smart plug to better manage your children's activity

Configuring your plugs

You can connect your outlets using the mobile app.

Define your rules

Define your rules and objectives in the application

Choose the input type

Select input type: physical activity or screen time (manual or timer)

Activity report

Monitor the evolution of ratios defined in the rules.

Enjoy the application

Use the application for free with the Free package

Energy cube

With Move then Play, each energy ball of time equals 15 minutes of physical activity or screen time.

View the school prototype

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