Move then play

Move, Play, Stay Healthy.

Move Then Play

Better balance and healthier living thanks to science!

Studies on cyberaddiction, lack of physical activity and sleep deprivation are plentiful, but fortunately so are solutions! Move to Play helps you better understand your family's lifestyle habits and offers ways to achieve balance.

Bouge pour Jouer

Fight against cyberaddiction.

Move then Play helps you to see video games as a reward, not an obligation. You'll be able to cultivate other interests and let them take their place in your schedule.

In doing so, you'll combat the negative effects that can result from cyberaddiction:


Drop in school results

Apathy and lack of interest in activities

Physical or mental health problems

Sleep disturbance

Obesity linked to lack of physical activity

Strained family relations

Relationship problems and isolation

Sleep disturbance

Team behind Bouge Pour Jouer

Move Then Play is the brainchild of SSCA, a technology company offering sanitary solutions with access control.

The members of our team at SSCA have been actively involved in the fields of medicine and public health, and share common values. They follow a rigorous methodology and bring specific expertise to the projects they develop.

SSCA is working in partnership with universities in Quebec and France to enable the use of our “Bouge Pour Jouer” application as part of their research, with a view to subsequently integrating the latest advances in research into our solution for managing screens, sedentary lifestyles and physical activity. This collaboration will continue with specialized researchers in the field, in order to remain at the cutting edge of the latest research and recommendations, ensuring continuous adaptation and increased relevance.

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One mom's idea

Trained in the medical field as well as in pharmaceutical research and podiatry, Elisabeth is an entrepreneur at heart. She is the driving force behind the Health Station concept and several other major projects, including Bouge Pour Jouer, an application and adapter enabling all family members to better manage the time they spend playing video games.

Elisabeth Nadeau, president and founder of SSCA, is the mother of three children. Noticing the growing and sometimes invasive role of video games around her and within her own family, Elisabeth set out to find a smart solution that would enable all family members to better balance the time spent on physical activities and video games.

As nothing on the market met her needs, she decided to create her own solution and share it with other families. And so Bouge Pour Jouer was born. The application enables families to commit together to a healthier lifestyle by combining video games and physical activity.